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Red Laser Training Gun

Laser Training Pistol

  SAFE!  Run simulations, Teach firearms safety / accuracy without a real gun present.

  Works with Hard Targets and Apps - Works with FREE laser training smartphone apps and hard laser targets (ex: iTarget pro, Laserlyte)

  Powerful 5mw 635nm  Red Laser Up close or long range, this laser performs.

  Features- Fully adjustable laser and rear sight, 2lb trigger pull and steel reinforced design for added weight and durability.

 Long-Lasting Battery Life - Takes 2 standard AAA batteries that last up to 10,000 shots! and are easily replaceable (Batteries included).

 The Redpoint Arms Laser Training Gun is made for dry fire training at home & office OR running simulations without a real gun present. Although training with your real pistol is ideal, something like this is a more viable option should you be in a setting where firearms should not be present for safety reasons.

Great for reaction drills / defensive / Tactical / target training & many other training activities.

There are a few laser training pistol options on the market. Many of these options are the same price as a real firearm... After many years, no company has entered an affordable option for this type of training device onto the market.., until now!

The Entry-Level Laser Pistol is made with our advanced laser technology to provide precision when practicing. Train your eye coordination and accuracy. Easily adjust the sights using the external laser adjustments and adjustable rear sight to mimic your own handguns sights. The body of the gun is 3D printed and steel reinforced to enhance the weight, durability and feel. Trigger pull weight of 2 pounds.

Adjustable Rear Sight - Rear sight is adjustable.

Laser aim is fully adjustable - Vertical and horizontal laser adjustments are provided on the outside of the Laser Gun. Use the adjustments to accurately mimic your own handguns point of aim.

Laser projects a momentary red laser dot with each trigger pull that shows where the 'shot' would have landed.

Works with FREE and paid apps and targets designed for: Laserlyte, iTarget pro, Strikeman, Shoot off, G Sight, Cheapshot, Pink Rhino, Laser Hit and more!

Class IIIa ≤5mw 635nm Laser.

Warning - Laser radiation. Avoid direct eye exposure. Class IIIa laser product.

2 AAA batteries are included - batteries last up to 10,000 shots.

Ships to Continental USA addresses only.

Please check local laws before ordering - DO NOT break the LAW!

Not a real gun, electronic laser device only. We are not affiliated with laser training brands listed above.

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