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FREE Target to Shoot


FREE instant digital download printable gun target.

Shoot Target with Redpoint Arms Laser Ammo or a real bullet, it's up to you! Either way you are training shooting.

Check out our Laser Ammunition - not a simple Bore Sight, it has a button on the back that activates the laser when the firing pin hits it. So you can train dry fire and see your accuracy / control during trigger pull. Team it up with an inexpensive tripod Laser Ammunition Kits and a free app for the best experience as the app and phone will track your shots / scores.


 Laser Target is optimized for APP use, Works with FREE iTarget app & G-sight APP

 Expensive Electronic Targets are replaced by paper and a free APP

 Works awesome at the real gun range also (print off a stack!)

 Also one printed Target comes included with every laser bullet purchase on this site.

 Download this 100% FREE target today (instant delivery and NO PAYMENT INFO REQUIRED) and print it out on standard letter printer paper (8.5x11" (the most common size)).

If you want to see how the apps work while your waiting for your laser ammo to arrive then grab a laser pointer and your phone. Set up the phone and target (tape the target to wall and securely position your phone to see the target) Then shoot a laser pointer at the target and see the interaction.

* Digital item - Download file and print on standard letter paper. We do not send an actual target (Unless you order a laser bullet - then one is included with each laser for free).